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After thinking about it for quite a while I finally took the plunge and bought a lathe, I've always liked making things, usually it's with a soldering iron and some electronic components but now I'd like to try my hand at turning metal.
Anyway here are some of my experiences and discoveries, I hope someone finds them useful.

Tuesday 6 September 2016

DIY Silencers for my air rifle

It's been a while since my last post and to be honest I've not been doing much with the lathe but I had a new air rifle and wanted to make a new silencer for it and fancied doing in in Carbon Fiber tubing instead of the usual Aluminium tube.

I purchased some 25mm tube from Ebay and made some end caps out of aluminium, I didn't really have any design in mind I just started to do it and went with the flow.

The screw on end
I ended up making a bit longer than required and used the drill press to drill the holes around the edges to help the air escape into the felt.
The screw end pushes into the sound proofing

When assembled it looked like this .... 

nice but a bit too shiny for me and although it made the rifle a bit quieter I think it needed to be a little bit longer so I then made one 6 inches long but this time I used Black Delrin for the end caps.

I have to say I like turning the Delrin it's so much easier to machine.

This time I made the front cap a push fit into the tube without any extending past the end of the tube, I thought this looked a bit cleaner.

This longer one once definitely quieter than the 4 inch one.

6 inch version using Black Delrin
I think I'll try a 30mm tube next to see if that makes it even quieter.

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